Award on Agreed Terms No 250 (27 August 1986)

Case number: 369
Award number: 250-369-2
Document number: 329
Description: Award on Agreed Terms
Filing date: 27/08/1986
Claimant: Baker International Corporation, Milchem Incorporated, Baker Tubular Services International, Inc.
Respondent: The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, for itself and on behalf go its agencies and instrumentalities, the National Iranian Oil Company, Iran Oil Services, Ltd., The Oil Service Company of Iran, The Iran Pan American Oil Company, The National Iranian Gas Company, Deminex Iran Oil Company, SegIran Company Ltd., the Guide Company, Ltd., The Foundation for the Oppressed, The Bank of Iran and Middle East, The Mercantile Bank of Iran and Holland, and The Iranian Ministry of Justice
Chamber: Two
Arbitrators: Robert Briner, George H. Aldrich, Mohsen Mostafavi
C369 Doc 329
Case No: 369