Dissenting Opinion No 220 (15 April 1986)

Case number: 231
Award number: 220-231-1
Document number: 196
Description: Dissenting Opinion of Judge Holtzmann on Expropriation
Filing date: 15/04/1986
Claimant: Foremost Tehran, Inc., Foremost Shir, Foremost Iran Corp., Foremost Foods, Inc., Foremost-Mckesson, Inc.
Respondent: The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, Financial Organization for the Expansion of Ownership of Industrial Units, National Investment Company of Iran, Industries and Mines Bank, Foundation for the Oppressed, Bank Markazi Iran, Sherkat Sahami Labaniat Pasteurize Pak
Chamber: One
Arbitrators: Howard M. Holtzmann
C231 Doc 196
Case No: 231