B20 Dissenting Opinion No 265 (16 January 1987)

Case number: B2/B13/B18/B20
Award number: 265-B2-2/266-B13-2/267-B18-2/268-B20-2
Document number: 28
Description: Dissenting Opinion of Hamid Bahrami-Ahmadi with Respect to the Dismissal of Iranian Customs Claims, Award Nos. 265-B2-2, 266-B13-2, 267-B18-2 And 268-B20-2
Filing date: 16/01/1987
Claimant: Iranian Customs Administration
Respondent: United States of America
Chamber: Two
Arbitrators: Hamid Bahrami-Ahmadi
Case No: B2/B13/B18/B20