Award on Agreed Terms No 483 (22 June 1990)

Case number: 86
Award number: 483-Claims of less than US$250,000./86-FT
Document number: 9
Description: Award on Agreed Terms
Filing date: 22/06/1990
Claimant: The Government of The United States, on behalf and for the benefit of certain of its nationals
Respondent: The Islamic Republic of Iran
Chamber: Full Tribunal
Arbitrators: Robert Briner, Bengt Broms, Gaetano Arangio-Ruiz, Assadollah Noori, Howard M. Holtzmann, Seyed Khalil Khalilian, Parviz Ansari Moin, Richard C. Allison, George H. Aldrich
C86 Doc 9
Case No: 86