Award on Agreed Terms No 417 (13 March 1989)

Case number: 88
Award number: 417-88-3
Document number: 383
Description: Award on Agreed Terms
Filing date: 13/03/1989
Claimant: Iran. Control Data Corporation, Control Data Middle East, Inc.
Respondent: The Government and State of The Islamic Republic of Iran, Computer Terminals of Iran, Iran Electronic Industries, Sharif Technical University, (Formerly Arya Mehr University of Technology), Ministry of Energy (Power Planning Department), Materials and Energy Research Center,Carrier Thermofrig Corporation, Oil Services Company, National Iranian Oil Company, Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Shahid Chamran University (Formerly Jundi-Shapoor University), Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (Formerly National Iranian Radio & Television), Social Security Organization of The Islamic Republic of Iran (Formerly Department of The Ministry of Health & Social Welfare) , Ministry of Planning and Budget of The, Islamic Republic of Iran (High Informatic Council) (Formerly Planning & Budget Organization) ,School of Planning & Computer Applications, Ministry of Education, Shahid Beheshty University, (Formerly National University of Iran), Iranian Telecommunication Research Center
Chamber: Three
Arbitrators: Gaetano Arangio-Ruiz, Richard C. Allison, Parviz Ansari Moin
C88 Doc 383
Case No: 88