Award on Agreed Terms No 305 (3 November 1987)

Case number: 327
Award number: 327-305-2
Document number: 176
Description: Award on Agreed Terms
Filing date: 03/11/1987
Claimant: Weatherford International Inc., Weatherford/Lamb Inc., Weatherford Oil Tool GmbH, Weathertool Oil Tool GmbH, Iran Branch Weatherford Oil Tool Middle East Ltd.
Respondent: The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, National Iranian Oil Co., Oil Service Co. of Iran, Iran Marine International Oil Co., Societe de Frage en Iran, Lavan Petroleum Co., Iranian Ministry of Finance, and Iranian Ministry of Social Welfare
Chamber: Two
Arbitrators: Robert Briner, Hamid Bahrami-Ahmadi, George H. Aldrichch
C305 Doc 176eng
Case No: 327