Award on Agreed Terms No 203 (25 November 1985)

Case number: 467
Award number: 203-467-2
Document number: 75
Description: Award on Agreed Terms
Filing date: 25/11/1985
Claimant: Dresser Industries, Inc., for itself and on behalf of Dresser Europe S.A., and Dresser A.G. (Vaduz)
Respondent: The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, The National Iranian Oil Co., The National Iranian Gas Co., The Continental Shelf Oil Co., The Iran Pan American Oil Co., The Iran Marine International Oil Co., Lavan Petroleum Co., Societe Francaise Des Petroles D' Iran, Foreign Trade Bank
Chamber: Two
Arbitrators: Robert Briner, Hamid Bahrami-Ahmadi, George H. Aldrich
C467 Doc 75eng
Case No: 467