A7 Decision No 129 (23 June 1997)

Case number: A4/A7/A15 (I:F and III)
Award number: DEC129-A4/A7/A15( (I:F and III)-FT
Document number: 1356
Description: Decision
Filing date: 23/06/1997
Claimant: The Islamic Republic of Iran
Respondent: The United States of America
Chamber: Full Tribunal
Arbitrators: Krzysztof Skubiszewski, Bengt Broms ,Gaetano Arangio-Ruiz, Assadollah Noori, Koorosh H. Ameli, Charles T. Duncan, Mohsen Aghahosseini, George H. Aldrich, Richard M. Mosk
A15 doc 1356-T-Decision (23 June 1997) en
Case No: A4/A7/A15 (I:F and III)